by Robert Bruce

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What Readers Are Saying ...

You've taken Carver, O'Conner, and
Chandler down to the bone. Amazing.
- Shawn McBride

Short stories by Robert Bruce. Really
short stories. Trust me: you can imagine a
movie based on each sentence.
- James Lileks, Star Tribune

I wish I could get the last 30 seconds
of my life back. Unsubscribed.
- Former Reader

Robert Bruce has the best
one-liners on Twitter.
- Pete Orta

Robert is slightly demented. It amuses me.
- Terry LeCroix

Obsessed with Robert Bruce. Little
micro-stories of goodness. Very Lydia Davis.
Except more morbid. Even better.
- Ashley Marie

I haven't read much this guys stuff -
from what seen it's meh.
- bigmusic

I worship Robert Bruce.
- Prince Campbell

Beyond brilliant.
- Brian Clark

These are NOT stories.
These are sentences. What a joke.
- Former Reader

Keep your writer in bourbon and ink.

Robert Bruce files an unusually short
story to the Internet nightly.

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